testimonials“When it came to estate planning, I was an A-Number- One procrastinator, until well past retirement age. I tried to convince myself that the legal forms I had downloaded off the internet and filled out myself would protect my family and my assets in the event of a life threatening emergency. Then, I saw what happened when close friends had to make arrangements for assisted living or faced end of life decisions, and I knew it was time for me to get real about my legal situation. I was fortunate to know attorney, Deborah Stadlin, and reached out to her for help. She was wonderful. She took the fear out of all the “legalese,” making sure I understood each step and legal form involved. And, she was caring, honoring my wishes for my family, respecting my choices when it came to medical decisions. It was a pleasure to work with her.”
—Gillian Spencer

“Deb Stadlin was of immense help when my partner and I needed help planning for our future. His mother had passed in the past year and we both saw firsthand what can happen when things are left to the last minute and emotions are running high. We wanted to be proactive and create a different experience for ourselves and our loved ones. She was very professional but also provided a reassuring personal touch. When we were finished it was a great relief. We had such a great experience, I then had my Mother come in and talk to her and revise her previous will, trusts and power of attorney to bring them in line with current changes in the law. Ms. Stadlin again provided a personal and professional experience and was very patient and kind with my Mother. I highly recommend her services. Once we were all finished, we were provided with a great sense of relief.“
—Gayle Bush

“We were referred to Debi Stadlin for the establishment of a family trust. Her recommendations and attention to detail were invaluable. Because of her depth of knowledge, we upgraded our wills and medical directives as well. She also communicated to us in a manner that made the process and the documentation itself easy to understand. And our materials were organized for us so access to what we need is simple. Debi also brought to our attention other options that would be beneficial to us regarding retirement planning and health care. She is clearly expert in all facets of estate planning and has created for our family a piece of mind that is more than reassuring. As we had the good fortune of having Debi referred to us, we in turn will bring her to the attention of anyone seeking this caliber of in-depth representation.”
—Jack Gross
President, RSVP Publications
Va Beach, Va

Thanks, Debi, for the fine job on my estate planning work!

It was a complex effort, with all the real estate, plus so many other details, including the charitable bequests. Really appreciated all of your valuable suggestions, the sensitive way in which you made them, and how respectful you were in letting me take my time to process the issues involved before making a decision. The living trust was set up at a stressful time health-wise, but your easy manner helped enormously. Thanks again.
—Allen G. Sandler, Ph.D


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